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About our Association

The Hudson Valley Golf Course Superintendents Association was formed from the Southern Tier Association that was founded in 1961 by the Mid Hudson Valley Superintendents. In 1963 a meeting at Sullivan County Country Club was held to discuss the feasibility of forming a local association conforming to the guide lines of the "National" for chapter membership. In October of 1963 the HVGCSA was born at Otterkill Country Club. All of the original members of The Southern Tier Turf Association were automatically made members of the HVGCSA.

To promote interest and good will in the association, encourage good relations between members and the clubs they represent and to keep up with the current developments in turf and related work.

Officers & Board



ADVERTISING: Tim Walker, Chairman

EDUCATION: Chairman, Reese Wasson & Kevin Collins

GCSAA LIAISON: Tim Walker, Chairman, Reese Wasson

GOVERNMENT/NYSTA: Ben Babbage, Chairman, Chris Kemble & Steve Whipple

MEMBERSHIP: Reese Wasson, Chairman, Kevin Collins & Matt Kerens

NEWSLETTER: Evan Weymouth, Chairman, Jay Werbalowsky, Susan O’Dowd, Editor

NONINATING: Chris Kemble, Chairman

SCHOLARSHIPS: Chris Kemble, Chairman, Tim Walker & Evan Weymouth

SITES/TOURNAMENTS: Jay Werbalowsky, Tim Walker, Evan Weymouth, Matt Topazio

TRI-STATE RESEARCH: Tim Garceau, Tim Walker & Matt Kerens

HUDSON VALLEY CUP: Chris Kemble & Kevin Collins

SOCIAL: Kevin Collins, Jason Werbalowsky & Evan Weymouth

WEBSITE: Matt Kerens, Chairman, Susan O’Dowd

Past Presidents

1963-1965 Robert Montanye 1966-1967 Irving Pollen 1968 William Dewar
1969 William (Bill) Smart 1970-1972 George W. Pierpoint 1973 Jerry Scaffa

1974 Clifford Larsen 1975-1976 Harry Vinall III 1977-1978 Steve Smith
1979 James Wilson 1980 Richard Munkelt 1981 Tim Moore 1982-1983 James Wilson
1984-1985 John Rizza 1986-1987 Robert DeMarco 1988-1989 Stu Sharples

1990-1991 Dan Madar 1992-1993 Frank Polizzi 1994-1995 Paul Pritchard

1996-1997 Caroll Oakley 1998-1999 George Wade 2000-2001 Mike Caravella

2002-2003 Michael McNamara 2006 George Pierpoint IV 2007 Thomas Wright

2008-2009 Sean Taggart 2010-2011 Christopher Strehl 2012-2013 Steven Whipple

2014-2015 Matt Topazio 2016-2017 Dan Wilber 2018-2019 Grover Alexander

2020-2021 Christopher Kemble